Face Recognize Temperature Detection 7inch smart Thermal Imaging Camera

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thermal imaging camera / Theremeter / Body temperature detection machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Automatic Temperature Measurement By Facial Scanning
  • Among Mobile People, People Without Masks Can Be Accurately Detected
  • By facial scanning, it can automatically record personal information and check the records of relevant people going in and going out
  • Support data network upload
  • support 30,000 face database, 200ms speed recognition

Product Details

Face Recognize Temperature Detection  7inch smart Thermal Imaging Camera

Fk02 GYW AI ultra-precision human body temperature measuring  face recognition machine is with high-performance, high-reliability.  Based on infrared thermal imaging technology and relying on deep  learning algorithms, it has fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and  fast Capture the face information for a 1: N comparison. During face  recognition, the human body temperature will be collected for  temperature measurement. It can be used with personnel passages  to achieve the rapid movement of personnel and the control of entry  and exit of personnel, maximizing the effiffifficiency of epidemic prevention.

Temperature measuring distance: 0.5-1.0 m 0.75 m is the best

Face recognition distance: 0.5-2.2M

Temperature error: temperature ±0.3℃                    

Human face capacity: 30,000                                        

Identification accuracy: 99.5%                                 

Recognition speed: approx. 200ms                                                                

Operating temperature: -20℃-60℃                          

Working humidity: 10%-90% no condensation           

the single set of device can measure 1 person at same time.

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